Unicorn Wreck diving with the DJL Tech crew

Davy Jones Locker instructor Matt is also a certified tech diver and has written a new article for the DJL Blog. He gives details of the DJL tech teams’ visit to the Unicorn Wreck near Koh Tao for some experience diving.  This trip also helped in providing an ideal opportunity to complete the training of students taking tech courses.

Unicorn Wreck diving with DJL Tech crew
Diving the Unicorn Wreck

“The DJL Tech crew have been diving the Unicorn Wreck which is located around 4 nautical miles North of Koh Tao in around 48m of water. Preparation for the dives began the day before with the checking of equipment, mixing and analysing gasses, and dive planning. It was then a nice early start to move the equipment down to the beach, on to the longtail, which would then take the team to the bigger tech boat.

The descent to the wreck

Once the mark had been found and the shot line released it was time to kit up. Next the team completed the all important checks and entered the water. We split the team into two groups which consisted of; Manuel and his 2 students as one group; Tim, Ed and Matthew as the other. Tim, Ed and Matt were in the water first to go and tie off the shot line securely to the wreck so the tech boat could provide cover on the surface. Our team was eager to get in to the the beautiful clear blue waters and descend. The perfect conditions meant that we were anticipating a fantastic dive.

Unicorn Wreck diving with DJL Tech crew


Upon reaching 30m, the team could clearly see the structure of the wreck reaching up from the depths below. The shot line had landed just off the wrecks port side which allowed Tim to tie into the wreck on the mast with ease. The team used the rest of the dive to explore the bow section of the wreck and to make a quick visit to the bridge. Many large schools of fish call the Unicorn their home. This provides another degree of entertainment while navigating along the wreck. The wreck is also home to an abundance of soft corals which have attached themselves to the hull of the ship and were flourishing.


Unicorn Wreck diving with DJL Tech crewFinally we started to ascend up to the surface and completing all decompression obligations. Everyone had enjoyed the dive, especially due to the great visibility.

Unicorn Wreck diving with DJL Tech crew
Find out more!

There is more information about the Tech courses we offer on our techdivethailand website. To dive with us, or enroll onto a course to become qualified  please send an email to info@techdivethailand.com. Our staff will be happy to provide more details about seeing these amazing, rarely dived wrecks.


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