Underwater Videography, Expand your Diving Skills.

When students complete their divemaster internships at Davy Jones Locker there are a number of options available. Some people start working as divemasters which is a great way to gain more experience. It enables our students to become comfortable in the role of a dive leader and boat manager. Roles include leading fun dives, or assisting on Discover Scuba Diving courses and leading additional dives. Divemasters are also able to conduct Scuba Reviews for customers who havn’t dived for longer than 6 months. Other students who meet the requirements for starting the Instructor Development Course (IDC) may continue straight on to that. Another option available is to take an underwater videography course.

Underwater Videography

You don’t need to be certified as a divemaster to start underwater videography training. However, it is something that many of our students choose to do once they have gained their divemaster certification. At Davy Jones Locker we are lucky enough to be affiliated with Koh Tao Pro Video. The training they offer is exceptional and it gives our students an alternative way of working with DJL. Instead of working as divemasters they get to film the underwater videos for our customers.

We currently have a number of students who have taken the divemaster internship and continued on to underwater videography training. Harriet is currently taking underwater photos and videos for Koh Tao Provideo. In the article below she describes what she finds so special about this type of work.

Underwater Videography, expand your diving skills

The Best Job in Scuba Diving “PADI Professional UW Videographer”

Towards the end of my divemaster training I was keen to find a way to get some more diving experience and also start earning some money. I was always amazed watching the daily dive videos made for the Open Water students on the last day of their course and was very excited to find out that I could learn how to be a PADI professional underwater videographer at Davy Jones Locker.

The course with Elliott and Nicky was a lot of fun and only took about 12 days. Each day we learnt a new section about how to set up and look after the equipment as well as getting good shots and putting them all together in Adobe Premiere Pro. At the end of the training they also have a 2 week internship where I got to film my own customers and started earning a commission for every copy sold. I have been very lucky and now have a full time job working as an underwater videographer. Now I can stay out here in paradise for as long as I want to!”

Fish Video HM from Harriet Muir-Little on Vimeo.