Team Denmark visit DJL on their school trip

Team Denmark visit DJL on their school trip

So it came to that time of year again when team Denmark descend upon DJL. Many of them would be undertaking their first diving course, the PADI open water. 20 school children from the city of Farso arrived on the morning of the 15th February. Obviously the logistics leading up to the event are extensive. Gathering all the required materials well ahead of time ensures the smooth running of the course. So a big shout out to the management for their tireless work leading up to the start of the course.

Day 1 –

The arrival team collected everyone from the pier in the morning, bringing them to DJL. After arriving it didn’t take long for them to settle into their accommodation. The course commenced with an afternoon of academics, going through the knowledge reviews and quick quizzes. This was followed by trying on diving equipment for the pool session and 4 dives that were to follow. We finished the day with dinner and the students went to bed.

Day 2-

After the schools’ first breakfast, Instructor Alex set up the groups’ equipment around the pool. Next we split the group into 2. The first group led by Alex started immediately with their shallow skills. The second group, led by myself started 3 hrs later to give ourselves plenty of space in the pool. While there were always going to be ups and downs with such a large group, all completed their skills and were happy with their first day in the water.

Day 3 –

After a morning of academics came what they had all been waiting for … Dive 1 + 2. At 11am we headed off on our tech boat to Twins. The visibility was glorious and the kids were super excited … the instructors could hardly contain their excitement either. From the point of view of the instructors dive 1 went off like a dream. All the skills completed with no problems and the students quickly took to the diving part with ease. After lunch on the boat we geared up and went in for dive 2.

Day 4 –

For dive 3 we headed out to Japanese Gardens, the conditions were great when we arrived. Today Koh Taos’ cutest couple Jacob and Harriet were filming us. Alex spent tireless seconds sculpting what hair he has left before following the camera around like dog chasing a scooter. The kids perfectly performed their ‘mask removal and replacement’ and hover skill with ease and were looking perfectly on track to complete their open water. White Rock was where we went for the last dive of the course. We dropped down to 18m and the students showed off their best bubble rings both orally and horizontally with their hands. After we were done with the dives there was a real sense of satisfaction amongst the group … arriving as mere mortals, but finishing as PADI Open Water divers.