Songkran Madness, DJL diving Pool Party

April 13th, 14th & 15th marks the Thai New Year, otherwise known as Songkran, and recently we celebrated the coming of 2560 BE (Buddhist Era) and what a year we’ve had already!

The Buddhist Era calendar is noted to have been derived from the passing of Guatama Buddha in 543 BC and it was King Vajiravudh who changed the year from 1912 to 2455 in accordance to Guatama Buddha’s death ( each year still runs January December despite the Songkran festival taking place in April) – Thailand’s history is incredibly interesting!

Fast-forward to the recent antics of Songkran 2017/2560. The #DJLfamily celebrated in style once again at the DJL Pool Bar  with their famous pool party! Koh Tao celebrates Songkran for  day, so every year, on April 13th, Davy Jones Locker is where it’s at. People come from all over the world to get WET and WILD! Everyone dressing in bright colours, loading their water guns, ready to ‘take aim… FIRE!’ You will find fun around every corner… It is definitely one to add to the bucket list and we highly recommend coming next year!

Songkran Madness

We even had some world class DJ’s join us in the celebration and boy, they did NOT disappoint! The pool spewed out party-goers all over the place and the madness continued all day.

After Songkran and its’ festivities are over, we look forward the Thai New Year with some awesome diving! Throughout April and early May the conditions have improved drastically. Lately we have seen up to 40m visibility with crystal waters and vibrant aquatic life. Whale Sharks are still making appearances around many of the dive sites. It’s a great time to join us at Davy Jones Locker – Koh Tao!

Special thanks to Overnight Security Company for keeping safe all our guests!

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