Scuba Diving – 10 Reasons Why I Love It !

What is it about scuba diving that makes some people keep coming back for more? While it can be a great recreational hobby it also offers an amazing lifestyle if you get professional qualifications. Jana is a diving instructor at DJL and came through our divemaster and instructor internship programmes. She gives her top 10 reasons why scuba diving has become a passion for her.

Scuba Diving - 10 Reasons Why I Love It !

Photo by Lawrence from Mike Ball, Australia

“There are way more than 10 reasons why I love scuba diving, but here are just a few…I first did my PADI Open Water Course as part of a marine studies course which I did for fun in my young adulthood. I remember having the time of my life doing the PADI Open Water Dive Course loving every minute. But then when it ended it suddenly dawned on me… when am I ever going to go scuba diving again? I don’t know anyone that goes scuba diving. That just sounds like such a rare type of person anyway. I can’t imagine I would ever know anyone that might be into scuba diving too (disappointed).

It wasn’t long before I met my partner in crime. He went diving on a trip we took to Fiji and fell head over heels in love with it. Scuba diving opened up new worlds to us entirely. Starting as a fun activity we could do together, or something we added into our holiday itinerary. Soon it was guiding our holiday plans with dive trips and liveaboards being the focus of planning holiday destinations. It eventually brought us to the beautiful island of Koh Tao, where we have recently completed our PADI Divemasters and Instructors course at DJL diving. We have even discovered that the “rare diving type of person” is more common than once thought. Here there is a whole bloody island of them!

Here are 10 Reasons Why I Love Scuba Diving …
1. Endless Discoveries

Imagine feeling weightless and completely free, in a world so mysterious and unknown. An empty palette of endless discoveries lie in the deep blue depths of the ocean. Standing on the edge of a boat, about to jump in, these are always the thoughts that cross my mind. Every dive is completely different. What are the conditions like today? Which site am I visiting? What fish will I see? Who am I diving with? Which one of my endless discoveries will I embrace today?

2. Adventure at its Peak

Breathing underwater, enough said. It is now something so natural to me that I sometimes go to take an underwater breath on a normal swim. I am so used to it (forgetting it is NOT natural!). But breathing underwater? How amazing is that? Every scuba diver takes their first few dives, their first few breaths out of a scuba tank, and it really does take a while to get over how f****** amazing it is that we can breath underwater! To be able to turn us land creatures into amphibians, and make it possible to be part of the underwater world, is just a crazy phenomenon.

3. Travel the World

Egypt, Mexico, Spain, Indonesia, Australia, Antarctica, which country will you choose? In our short diving careers we have already been lucky enough to visit the world famous dive sites at Great Barrier Reef, Australia, Fijian Great White Wall & Rainbow Reefs, Thailand’s Similan Islands and Richelieu Rock. As well as having up close and personal swims with Minke Whales, Manta Rays, pods of dolphins, and a number of amazing Liveaboard dive trips. The ocean makes up 71% of our planet, so out of all the holidays we can think of, basing them around our choice of underwater destinations is just logical! There is so much to see on this planet, especially in our oceans, and it is all so vastly different!

4. Close to Nature

There is nothing more rejuvenating then spending time close to nature. Diving not only surrounds you with the oceans saltwater, but through the lens of your Scuba mask your vision becomes overloaded with coral and marine creatures so alive with colour, patterns, and beauty. Butterfly fish, angel fish, rainbow wrasse, scorpion fish, turtles, stingrays, moray eels or this “mythical” whale shark I hear about are just some of the beauties you have the chance to discover in our magnificent sea.

5. Become a wild child

Jumping off the back of boats, swimming with or against currents, going searching for Manta Rays or sleeping out at sea. Whatever this scuba diving world brings you will be an adventure, you will become a wild child!

6. It’s the next best thing to flying

Scuba diving is the next best thing to flying… or maybe even better. Imagine feeling weightless, floating completely buoyant in the middle of a haze of clear blue ocean. There is no better feeling. Gracefully floating above worlds of crazy corals and anemones is a complete spin out, like nothing else. Ever dreamed you could fly? This is the next best thing!

7. I wasn’t born a mermaid, so I guess this will do

That moment at the age of 5 when The Little Mermaid sung her song “Part of that world” to me. From that moment, my imagination grew wild of what it would be like to be part of Aerial’s world. My new life goal was to be a mermaid. I have spent most my life getting very close to being a real life mermaid. Scuba diving really has made it possible for me to be “part of that world”, a mermaids underwater world. I think this as as close as I will really ever get!

8. Peaceful Silence

One of my very most favourite things about being underneath the ocean, is the peaceful silence. All the sounds just stop. From that moment you go under, there’s only the sound of your tank, a few bubbles, and perhaps the occasional chug of a boat. But it really isn’t that often we just get to shut off the noise of the every day world. There’s something very peaceful about this. Peaceful silence.

9. Be in the moment

There is something very meditative about diving. Scuba diving really does give you the ability to be in the moment. To let go of anything past or future, just be in that moment, there to just dive, breathing deep slow breaths of air, relaxing you and just letting you be present….What better way to experience the now.

10. Experience Bliss

Endless discoveries, adventure at its peak and travelling the world. Being close to nature, adventure, flying, mermaid life, peaceful silence, being in the moment. You can’t ask for much more, scuba diving life really is bliss.

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