PADI Business Academy 2017, helping us progress in the right direction

If someone tells you that they are involved the diving industry what is your first thought? The ocean? Diving Instructors? Marine Life? Sure, these examples are the front end of the diving industry. This is where the customers get to participate and experience scuba diving. Obviously it is a vitally important part of the industry, but behind the scenes there is a lot more work going on. For the people who deal with retail, marketing, internet etc the PADI Business Academy offers a wealth of information.

PADI Business Academy 2017

Davy  Jones Locker visit the PADI Business Academy in Bangkok

This year was the first time that a team from Davy Jones Locker had attended. We had different areas of expertise, which proved useful as the 2 day seminar covers all areas of business. Topics are separated into different presentations, hosted by a variety of members of the PADI team. There is a lot of interaction, and it was great getting advice as these guys really know their stuff.

One of the best things about the academy is that dive centers can select the information they need. Not every dive center has the same requirements. Some have a very strong social media presence but may need help with business strategy. Another school may be doing really well selling courses and retail products in the shop but want to improve their website. Even in the areas that we are strong there was always more useful information to take on board.

At the end of the 2 days, we had taken in plenty of valuable information. This translates into fresh new ideas for moving the dive center forward. The next step is implementing these ideas. PADI offer help in this respect to all the dive schools that attend. The PADI business academy is a great experience and DJL are better off for having attended.