Night Diving, try it at Davy Jones Locker!

Why I love night diving

If I had to choose one of my most favorite types of diving I would have to choose night diving. There is something quite special about heading out at sunset. Watching as the bright orange sun disappears over the horizon, just as you are jumping in off the boat. The water is still warm from a day in tropical paradise, temperature still around 28 degrees in the water. We submerge ourselves and head down on the dive just as the sky starts to get dark, and what an exciting experience awaits us. Just the light of our torches to follow. A little bit scary, a little bit mysterious, and so much fun!

Night Diving, try it at Davy Jones Locker!

Night diving Thailand

Night diving in Thailand lets you encounter some of the magical wonders of the underwater world. Some marine creatures are nocturnal, only coming out at night to adventure the ocean. Massive orange hermit crabs are common creatures who make their appearance at night, wandering the sandy ocean floor in all different shaped shells. Blue spotted stingrays, moray eels, blotched porcupinefish come out at night. Plus, if you’re lucky, you may spot a giant grouper!

Bioluminescent Plankton!

But by far my most favourite part of a night dive in Koh Tao is the bioluminescent plankton which comes out at night. (Some may know this as glowing plankton from the movie The Beach, yes we have that here!). At some point in the dive we hide the light from our torches making sure it’s pitch black. Then we wave our hands around to see little tiny lights like a zillion stars glowing in front of us. It is just beautiful!

Night Diving Koh Tao

I would highly recommend if you haven’t tried it yet. Go on a night dive here in Koh Tao!! At Davy Jones Locker we offer Night Adventure dives or you can choose it as part of your Advanced Open Water course. Get the chance to learn a bit about night diving before you head out and experience it for yourself.

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