Nervous Divers, Overcoming the Fear Factor

One of the things I most love about diving is that it brings a whole range of different people together. Not only many different nationalities but also many different personalities. Obviously you get your super confident students who take to diving like a fish to water, excuse the pun. But the ones who often impress me most are the ones who are, for whatever reason, far more nervous. Those students who really have to push their boundaries and limits to even start their course.

Nervous Divers, Overcoming the Fear Factor

I’m not going to lie. As an instructor it would be easy to just have the ones that nail every skill and swim like Olympians. However, you often see the best rewards and results from the ones that don’t. When I get someone that struggles to enter the water in the first place then, after doing so, freaks out when their head goes under you know you may be in for a long day. But I’m always happy to do that long day. It’s obvious that if they’ve pushed themselves this far already then they’re willing to push themselves further. And with every push further they get closer to discovering the wonders of the underwater world and the new experiences that can give them.

As an instructor you know every time that if you can just get someone through the confined session it will all be worth it when they make it out on the boat for the actual dive. That’s why I like it so much here at Davy Jones Locker. We do our confined sessions in an actual pool rather than the shallows of the ocean. This gives us far more time to get people slowly adjusted to this new experience and work through any problems.

What I’m basically trying to say is that no matter what your previous knowledge is of diving, the ocean or just water. Whatever your fears or worries concerned with diving, if you can just manage to push yourself through the first small step, and then the next and the next, you will gain an experience like no other. And if you’re anything like me you might find yourself a new career!