Diving Rehabilitation with Deptherapy

Diving Rehabilitation with DeptherapyDeptherapy is a UK Charity which has involvement in diving rehabilitation. It helps members of the UK armed forces suffering from serious injuries. In addition, it runs SCUBA diving courses which are specially adapted to cater for injuries. Benefits include a release from pain while diving and also a calming effect while under the water for those suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).




Deptherapys’ Charitable Status is:

“The relief of people, especially wounded, current and ex-members of the UK Armed Services and their dependants  with a life-changing physical and/or mental condition or the like, by providing opportunities for rehabilitation, motivation and life-enrichment through specially tailored professionally delivered scuba diving”


Davy Jones Locker welcomed Deptherapy to come and dive with us. As a result, everyone had a great time, in and out of the water. In the video below Chris gives his thoughts about what it’s like to dive with Deptherapy. If you would like more information about Deptherapy and the services it provides you can visit the website here.



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