Dive Koh Tao, from flooding to fantastic conditions

Koh Tao Floods

So 2017 started out a little bit rocky for Koh Tao and Davy Jones Locker. After some excellent New Years celebrations the island had some of the worst flooding the South of Thailand has seen in 30 years! Our beautiful little island had been turned into an on land Diving Hub as well as in the Ocean. But after a few weeks of hard work and a huge community spirit we now have our amazing tropical paradise back. And to welcome it back the sea gods have given us some of the most amazing conditions for scuba diving in the past 12 months!

Great Conditions to Dive

I can honestly say that the last 2 – 3 weeks have been some of the best diving I have ever experienced on Koh Tao. Every dive site the boat has moored up at we have looked over the side and been able to see clearly the divers at the bottom. Once in the water with your head under the surface you realize how amazing the ocean really can be. Visibility is anywhere between 20 – 35 metres. There is a vast array of ocean life welcoming us after a few weeks of not ideal conditions. It makes you really respect and feel lucky for the life and work we do on our tropical diving paradise!

With the diving as amazing as it is recently the DJL dive boat really comes alive. From people completing there first ever experience underwater to the most experienced of our instructors. All with smiles from ear to ear and discussions all night back at the bar about how amazing their day in the ocean was. Consequently, every one is loving their time as part of the #DJLfamily.