Dive Career? A happy result of travelling.

Why travel?

Travelling abroad is a whole lot of fun. The people you meet, the time you share with them. What you experience when you travel will never be comparable to sitting at home watching Netflix. Things get serious when you realize you want to leave your home, your city, your country. Especially if this leads you to another continent and brand new cultures.

Dive Career? A happy result of travelling.


So you’ve decided you want to move house, what do you take with you? In my case it’s always been a bit of scorched earth process. By travelling light it is easy to pick up and dash off again if you are okay with turning in earthly possessions for experiences. Life is too short to work 70-hour weeks behind a desk, only to have 1 day a week off. Like many of the people I’ve met throughout the world, I resented the first few years of working immediately following college. It always felt like I was following someone else’s footsteps, too afraid to make my own.

Many of my friends were lucky enough to land good jobs, have plenty of fun toys and share their time with me. However, having the fastest jetski, the newest pair of K2’s or the newest model of Ducati, means nothing if you don’t have time to enjoy it. All too often they’re just collecting dust in the garage. Diving is available in virtually every country and offers diversity you never knew possible.

Dive in to a dive career!

I chose to literally dive right in after my Open Water Certification. I quickly took the Advanced Open Water and subsequent courses. In under 2 years I am a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer. I am loving every minute of the choices I’ve made to pursue my dive career. It’s the first time I’ve found something I’ve loved and am able to get paid for it!