Deep Diving Courses – Taking Things to New Depths!

What are the options for training to dive deeper? DJL Instructor Shaun gives the info on the deep diving courses available at Davy Jones Locker.

All divers, new, experienced and the professional all have one thing in common. They want to go deeper! There is something about the dark unknown depths of the ocean that we can’t help but feel attracted to. The anticipation about that extended descent to the dive site. The excitement when you finally reach the bottom, looking up and seeing the people on the surface the size of ants. And the array of different fish species calling the greater depths their home!

Deep Diving Courses – Taking Things to New Depths!

Deep Diving courses

Deep diving is one of the highlights for all divers. There are a number of deep diving courses available to get you deeper! The first step is by completing your deep adventure dive, which is part of the PADI Advanced Open Water course. The Deep Adventure dive certifies you to go to a maximum depth of 30m. Once reaching this depth you will look at colour changes and also compare your depth gauges to confirm you are at your desired depth! Just a heads up, you may start to feel very ‘happy’ once getting down to these depths. This isn’t only due to the excitement, science is also starting to work its magic on us when we are down deep ;).

Deep Diver speciality

For the diver that wants to take the extra step and get to the maximum recreational depth limits, 40 meters, DJL offer the PADI Deep Diver Specialty. The PADI Deep Diver Specialty consists of four dives. However, if you have completed your Advanced Open Water Course it is only another 3 dives. You will gradually get deeper and deeper until you reach your maximum depth of 40m!

Through the Deep Specialty you will learn all about the safety measures put into place to be able to complete deep dives in a safe manner. These include breathing from alternate air sources (drop tanks, buddy’s alternate or pony bottles) and also simulating decompression stops. This specialty will instill safety as second nature! It’s not all about the “what if’s” with this course though. Once at your desired depths there are a lot of skills and mental tests which your instructor will come up with to have a play down there. Anything from memory tests to see if you are feeling a bit “narced”, to looking at pressure depths. If you are lucky enough I’ve heard that one of our instructors may even let you eat some sweets down there!

After completing all these amazing deep diving courses you may still have that itch to go further! Don’t worry, DJL offer a full range of Tech diving courses to take you past the recreational depths and into the serious diving!! Check out all the info at

Have fun and get in DEEP!!