Deep Adventure Dive, getting the best out of it

Many people on Koh Tao do their open water course. The PADI open water course allows you to go down to a depth of 18 meters, which is perfect for most Koh Tao dive sites! Koh Tao is an easy place to dive with relatively shallow reefs and pinnacles. You can dive almost all of them perfectly with an open water certification. But even here you see other people down there. Swimming next to that cool fish or looking at that awesome coral patch that you’re just hovering above. And you can see your students asking themselves, “how cool would it be if I could go down there?”

Deep Adventure Dive, getting the best out of it

Advanced Open Water course

Of course, there is the PADI advanced open water course. This course allows you to go to a depth of 30 meters. But some people simply don’t have time or money to do the entire stretch of this course. This is where the deep adventure dive comes in handy! It is not the length or the price of the advanced open water course. However after completing the dive you can go down to 30 meters anywhere in the world! This comes in very useful in lots of other places, where you may require a 30 metre certification if the dive sites are deep.

Deep Adventure dive

On the deep adventure dive you will complete a knowledge review to have a basic understanding about how deep diving is different to “ normal” diving. You will also complete a couple of skills. We start with a light absorption test, showing you how colors start to disappear as you descend deeper into the ocean. Then we do a depth gauge comparison test. This will you how a dive computer is more accurate then a average depth gauge. This is followed by some pressure tests and games and also checking for any symptoms of nitrogen narcosis. After that we enjoy the beauty of the Koh Tao underwater world at Koh Taos’ premier dive sites while going on a fundive.

After your deep adventure dive you can either relax on the boat, or use your newly learned skills to explore the underwater world some more! (and maybe even add the wreck adventure dive to your list on the same boat 😉 )