A Technical Divers Skills

Last month I talked about the steps you can take to become a Technical diver here at DJL. This month I want to delve into the skills you learn when you first sign up to the introductory tech course, “Intro to Tech”.


Intro to Tech allows you to grasp the basic knowledge and skills needed to pursue a journey into technical diving. You start by building up a deeper understanding of how the body is affected when breathing compressed air, weather you’ll be diving deeper, longer, or both. A more in depth look at why people would want to go deeper then leads us onto why tech divers need to carry extra tanks and a whole host of other equipment you might not see standard recreational divers using.

A Technical Divers Skills

Once some theory has been covered, it’s time to get into the water! On land all the equipment will be shown to you and how it all goes together. It may be quite daunting at first with two tanks, long hoses and a strange looking BCD called a backplate and wing, but you will soon realise all of the equipment has a purpose and you carry nothing you wouldn’t need on the dive. Before jumping into the water you will be taught that you should always check what you’re about to breath. This is a very important safety step that youwill need to grasp throughout your technical diving journey. An analyser is used to measure the content of oxygen which is then noted on the actual cylinder along with your name and the maximum depth that mix of gas can be used at.


Once you get into the water you soon realise that you need to work as a team with your buddy or buddies, it’s not all macho solo diving where you just go off on your own. Your team mates are there to assist monitor and act as your backup if in the rare occurrence that something may go wrong.


The skills you learn in the Intro to Tech course make up the foundations for the rest of your career as a tech diver. Skills such as; kicking styles, buoyancy, planning, emergency skills, teamwork and a number of others. It is important to master these skills so you can progress onto further courses where you will be carrying more tanks, more equipment and deeper depths; you need to learn to walk before you can run.


I hope you enjoyed this brief overview of the skills you will learn when taking a introductory tech course with us at Davy Jones, we have a number of fully qualified, passionate and knowledgeable tech instructors who would love to open your eyes to the exciting world of tech diving.

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