Divemaster Internships

luke learing surface cover during divemaster course in Koh Tao

After spending 3 years traveling between Thailand and the UK I decided it was time to do something in Thailand. I was
searching the internet for divemaster internships around Thailand and after many e-mails sent and received I decided to do my divemaster internship with DJL diving on the island of Koh Tao.
I first arrived here just after Christmas 2007, to a great reception. I was shown my home for the next 2 months while I would be doing my course, introduced to the team at DJL and given my own full set of dive equipment which was my own to keep. So i did my Open Water course, Advanced Open Water course, First aid training and rescue diver. By this time I already had taken full advantage of the unlimited fun diving included and was well on my way to getting the 20 dives needed to start the Divemaster course. During my divemaster training I learnt how to organise a busy dive boat, how to safely navigate and lead divers around divesite and about all the theory behind diving. But the best thing about the course apart from the partying on the island was assisting the dive instructors at the shop on their courses, getting to watch and learn from experienced professional PADI instructors was amazing and made me decide that this was the job for me .
So after many hangovers, intro to tech dives, diving with whalesharks, bullsharks and all the other amazing underwater life here I finally completed my Divemater course and was lucky enough to be given a job as a divemaster here at DJL. After I working my ass off for a year and gaining loads of experience and losing a few pounds i was ready to take the next step in the PADI system and go on to do my PADI instructor training here at DJL. It takes just over two weeks of classroom and water work and I learned how to use my divemaster skills in new ways to teach people how to dive. I was finally there after lots of hard work I was a PADI Open Water dive instructor and was given a job here at DJL. Now I’m still on the amazing island of Koh Tao working a dream job, meeting lots of people and diving all the time. So when you come to Davy Jones Locker to do your Divemaster Course you don’t just do your course and then leave, we will help you with your future career in diving if thats the path you choose.
See you on the island soon.
Luke White

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