Wreck Specialty

As I’m sure everyone who has done a Wreck Adventure dive will know there is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you first see it emerge from the depths. There is a eeriness to exploring a wreck underwater that is completely unique. As you float above it looking down there is a sense of grandeur and if I’m honest a slight feeling of insignificance. Saying all this however, a wreck adventure dive pales in comparison to completing your wreck specialty. After being told during the wreck adventure we could not go inside it all I wanted to do from that moment was to go inside it. A feeling only increased when we got down onto the wreck and could glimpse inside the entrances and port holes. As soon as I hit land after the dive I signed up for my wreck specialty.

Wreck Specialty

Wreck specialty

A few days later I was starting my wreck spec and it did not disappoint. Being inside a wreck gives a whole new range of aspects to diving that I had not yet encountered. Your level of skill needs to be that much higher for wreck penetration so the skills you learn throughout the dive take you up that much higher in skill level. I don’t think my buoyancy control and trim in the water has ever improved so much in such a short period of time. Being enclosed in a corridor 30metres down in the bows of a WW2 wreck will do that to you.

The staff at Davy Jones Locker Diving are also very knowledgeable when it comes to the wrecks around Koh Tao. Knowing the history of a wreck gives a whole new level of interest to the dives. I cannot recommend a wreck specialty highly enough. If like me that first wreck dive just left you wanting more it’s just going to be an inevitable conclusion.


by Alex


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