Wreck Speciality Course

The past few days I have been teaching the PADI wreck diver speciality course to three students. If you are looking for a challenging but fun course that develops a new set of skills to allow you to safely make wreck penetration dives this is the course for you.
The course consists of four dives where we build skills such as finning techniques that don’t disturb the silt often found inside shipwrecks, using a line and reel to provide a direct link to the entry and exit point, using torches, special signals and communication procedures. The course also includes a short but in depth theory session where we look at legal aspects of wreck diving, potential hazards of wreck diving and the limits of what types of penetration dives you can do. By the end of the course you will know how to safely perform a wreck penetration dive (within the reach of natural light). If you find this kind of diving really appeals to you why not consider taking a technical diving course with DJL tech department.


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