Wreck Spec’s at DJL

Wreck Specialty course’s are becoming increasingly popular at DJL, possibly thanks to our Sattakut wreck that is sunk just South of one of our favorite dive sites, Hin Pee Wee. The wreck specialty courses are mainly for advanced divers who want to learn more about shipwrecks and eventually how to safely penetrate a wreck. Part of the course is to learn how to safely navigate a wreck, looking out for potential hazards and penetration points. The students then have to map the wreck, or a section of it if it is a large wreck and we also try and teach them a little about the history of the wreck. Before penetrating the wreck, we show the students how to run a line. This is because we will be entering an overhead environment, often with low visibility (even with a torch) so we always need to know exactly where our entry point and therefore exit is. The first time we run the line is on dry land so it is easy to explain if any mistakes are made and also so that is not entirely new when we go onto the wreck. The next time we run the line is on the outside of the wreck before tying off and running the line inside for penetration on dive 4. It is a very exciting experience going inside a wreck for the first time and all of my students this week absolutely loved it!!!

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