Wreck Diving!!

Of all the PADI specialty courses that there are available, my favourite one is the Wreck specialty. Wreck diving is something that I find very interesting. Partly because the more advanced training involved, such as use of reels. But also because the history involved with wreck diving, and not just the story of when it sank, also the history of the ship itself. The wreck course is broken into 4 dives. The first dive is all about looking for hazards, points of interest, and entry and exit points. The second dive is learning how to map a wreck, using compasses and underwater slates. Then that’s it for a day’s diving. We head back to the shop and go over a little bit of theory and have a play around with reels, Learning different tie offs and how to hold one properly, and also how to be a good buddy at the back of the group. Learning how to use a reel is a key part of diving in an overhead environment, because if you were to lose your way then it will lead you to the exit (The story of Hansel and Gretel comes to mind)

Then the following day we will head out again for our final two dives. The first dive is playing around with a reel again, this time on the outside of the wreck. A dive is a good amount of time to master the tie offs that you have already practiced on land. However this time you will need to think about buoyancy also. Sounds easier than it is but you soon get the hang of it! Then we go down for one final dive and this is what all the training has been for, going inside the wreck!! You will put all the dives together and working as a team you will lead me on a dive into the wreck.

We have a perfect training wreck very close to the dive school. The H.T.M.S Sattakut, She was sank in June 2011 as an artificial reef project and since then has become a popular dive site and is already playing host to a large variety of marine life.


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