Wreck Diving

One of the most dangerous types of scuba diving is wreck diving. Taking away direct access to the surface means there needs to be a few more things to be taken into consideration and lots of extra planning.

It is also one of the most exciting things i have done in my life. Going into this underwater world and then into a wreck where people have lived and loved is an eerie and awesome experience.

It makes people feel like an explorer, an underwater archaeologist and so so so curious about what was in these rooms years ago.
Start with a torch and a reel of line and we make our way, looping knots to follow back, into the wreck.

In Koh Tao we are very lucky to have a fantastic world war II wreck, HTMS Sattakut, available as the perfect training wreck. With the two guns still on the bow and stern, exploring outside has got just as much to offer as inside.

The Sattakut was sunk as a training wreck in 2011. The top of the wreck is at about 20m and the bottom reaching about 32. Its a great dive site for Advanced and perfect for Wreck specialties.

by Saisha

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