Wreck Diver Specialty

I’ve always had an interest in ship wrecks though I still always preferred the reef, as I enjoy the interaction with the small fish, but having just completed three wreck speciality courses it has reignited my love for them.

Good conditions allowed every dive on the HTMS Sattakut, our Ex U.S. and Thai navy ship that was scuttled on koh Tao in June 2011, to serve as an artificial reef and training wreck.

The 49m vessle served through world ward II, including terms in Iwo Jima before being sold to the Thai navy, and eventually to koh Tao.
I was just as in awe as my students when swimming out from the blue to encounter the anti aircraft gun at the bow of the ship, before tracing along the top deck past the wheel house to the second gun at the stern, looking through all the port holes along the way to catch a glimpse of engine room and all the corridors that we would soon be swimming through.

On the wreck specialty we teach you to safely penetrate a ship wreck to view all the interesting features and marine life that have made it there home, and I am yet to meet a student who didn’t love being down there swimming though the ship and not want to do it again!

HTMS Sattakut

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