When selecting your dives for the PADI ADVANCED OPEN WATER course why not choose the green eco friendly option. Here at DJL we are a proud memeber of project aware go eco group and we encourge all divers to do there bit in helping preserve our island. For the ADVANCED OPENWATER COURSE you have to do a deep dive and a navigation dive. When doing the deep dive we normaly go to chumpon pinnacle if the conditions are right, were you will get to see the sharks Kho Tao has to offer, all shark sightings will be added to the project aware shark trust data base. For the navigation dive we will teach you compass skills and how to use the natural enviroment for navigation, so no more getting lost in the sand.
Then you have 3 more dives to choose, The eco friendly choice would be peak perfomance buoyancy, helping you fine tune you buoyancy and giving you better control in the water, so no more excuses or that fin hitting the coral. Then the final two dive could be fish identifaction and underwater naturalist diver, you will learn about the local fish, coral and eco-system around Kho Tao island. The more knowledge we have about the local enviroment the better we can protect it for the divers of the fututre.
For more info about the ADVANCED OPEN WATER COURSE or project aware visit our main website.
Lets all do our bit to keep this island beautiful.

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