Why I love my job

There are many great things about working as a scuba diving
instructor: the outdoor lifestyle, being surrounded by happy people, getting to look at mantis shrimp and yellow box fish during working hours… (my favourites!). But the best part for me is to see new divers discover the thrill of diving. Nothing beats the feeling of watching your open water students go from hesitation or even fear of the water to absolutely loving it. When I see that excitement and joy in their eyes I am reminded of why I have been diving for so long myself. I remember that initial thrill I felt when I first discovered diving many years ago and the addiction that came after. Best feeling there is! Yes the tanks are heavy and the equipment is a big and bulky hassle and boats make me seasick and sometimes I wonder if it’s all worth it, but then we jump into the water and the answer is immediate:
of course it’s worth it! The underwater world caught me eight years ago and it still hasn’t let go. And if I can help people discover the beauty of the underwater world then I have the best job in the world!

Stina Brännström

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