Why choose Koh Tao as your diver training destination?

With so many dive resorts in the world why is Koh Tao in the gulf of Thailand the world’s number one choice for diver training.

1. It is a great place to be on holiday. With beautiful beaches, restaurants, nightlife and of course the diving Koh Tao is getting more popular every year. Once the well guarded secret of a few well informed backpackers, Koh Tao is now well and truly on the map.
2. Choice. The massive number of dive schools on the island means serious competition to attract divers. All major diver training agencies are represented. DJL diving is now a PADI five star Career Development Centre (CDC) a recognition of our commitment to provide the best possible standards of training within the PADI system, the world’s leading diver training agency. Whether you are taking your first dive, or training to be a divemaster or instructor DJL has the expert training team in place to ensure the quality of your tuition and experience. DJL also offer courses beyond recreational diving, such as boat handling, equipment servicing and technical diving.
3. Year round season. Koh Tao’s unique location offers diving at all times of the year. This gives you, the diver flexibility to fit your travel schedule.
4. Price. Whist no one would suggest choosing a diver training school based solely on price, the combination of the world’s most competitive dive resort, with the year round season makes Koh Tao the cheapest place in the world to dive.
5. Perfect dive sites. Whatever level of training you are undertaking Koh Tao offers the perfect dive sites. From shallow sheltered bays such as Mango Bay, ideal for those taking their first dives, specialized buoyancy training sites such as buoyancy world, stunning deep water reefs including southwest pinnacle and the world famous Chumphon pinnacle and even a selection of ship wrecks to suit all abilities.
6. Opportunity to progress your career. If you are taking a professional level course, where better could you choose than the world’s number one diver training location.
So, don’t delay. Book your course with DJL diving today!


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