Who is the master of camouflage and can be found buried in the sand?

One of the most fascinating marine creatures for me is the Indian Walkman, also known as the spiny devilfish or bearded ghoul fish (scientific name: inimicus didactylus). Considering the fact that this fish rather walks than swims it probably got its name “walkman”.
Belonging to the species of the stonefishes, the Indian Walkman is highly dangerous and poisonous with venomous spines along its back if trodden on etc. They can be found on or even buried in sandy areas near coral whereas the colour varies from sandy brown to dark red. Although if disturbed they raise the spines along their backs, spread out their colourful wings and will usually move off out of harm way, however, if cornered they are able to charge at considerable speed.
Indian Walkmen are masters of camouflage, enabling them to lie in wait for their victims to come close, before lunging forward and inhaling their prey with their large mouths. They usually feed nocturnally on fish and invertebrates. With a length of up to 25 cm Indian Walkman are widespread in the western Indo-Pacific region at a depth of 1-40 metres.

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