Where can we go from Advanced Open Water?


Even if you have never been diving before, you have probably heard of the PADI Open Water Course (if not then we can talk in a different blog) and you may have heard of the PADI Advanced Open Water diver. Even when people reach the Advanced Open Water stage, they are not always aware of their options after this? Here I would like to discuss some of these to help you make the right choice for you.


Rescue Diver


blogThe next step for many divers in their training is the PADI Rescue Diver. Taking place over three days (including the Emergency First Responder and Secondary Care), this course increases your awareness beyond ‘self’ and into ‘global’ awareness. This means that you understand more about responding to other diver’s issues and equipping you with the necessary knowledge to deal with these situations. It is a fun and rewarding experience and can make you a much more knowledgeable and responsible diver.




Maybe this isn’t where you are right now in your learning. Maybe there was something off your advanced course you particularly enjoyed and would like to take that further. All the adventure dives you did in your PADI Advanced Open Water count as Dive 1 of their corresponding Specilaity Course. Here are just some of the options:


Wreck Diver – Maybe the allure of the Sattakut and the promise of many wondrous wrecks to come really spiked your interest? Then maybe the Wreck Speciality is for you. four dives over two days, with the option to penetrate (go inside) the wreck on Dive 4. Learn how to perform tie offs, advanced buoyancy techniques and the risks and hazards associated with wreck penetration.


Deep Diver – Ever wanted to know what lies beyond 30m? With PADI Deep Diver you are able to dive down to the maximum recreational dive depth of 40m. Learn more about navigating at depth, gas narcosis effects and pressure at depth.


Nitrox – Enriched Air Nitrox Found your air supply lasting but that pesky No Decompression Limit forcing you up, then try Enriced Air Nitrox. By learning about enriched air (up to 40% O2), you will then be able to extend your bottom times


There are many other specialties you can look into including, but not limited to: Digital Photgraphy, Night Diving, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Search And Recovery, O2 Provider.


So come into Davy Jones Locker, pr speak more to your instructor about the potential paths ahead…

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