Whats in my wetsuit?

Me of course , but why does it work to keep me warm? Logic tells us that if we let water in , we should get cold, because thats what happens if you wet your clothes. But a wetsuit is different. The little bit of water trapped in between the skin and the suit, warms up with body heat, and because it is trapped, keeps you warm . Its only if you unzip it and water gets in do you get cold again. The thicker the neoprene ( the fabric the suit is made from ) the more effective is the proection from the cold. In this climate , you barely need a wetsuit, and in most cases , if you do a 3mm shortie is more than enough to stay cosy, and you will want to take it off when you are on the boat to top up the holiday tan. If travelling to colder places you can get a 5mm wetsuit or start looking at semidry suits( which has seals to prevent additional water in) and complete drysuits ( under which you can wear your winter woolies). If you are wanting a go in a dry suit, as mentioned before, you can stop in at the shop and we will put you in touch with Ed. If you would like a wetsuit slightly different to the rest, we can put you in touch with a custom wetsuit maker, who can make any neoprene dream come true. 1010115643_yFpg8-L


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