What will be your most memorable moment, diving in Koh Tao?

I’ve been talking to divers around the shop and i’ve been asking what stands out as a most memorable dive on Koh Tao. For me it was coming face to face with a very large Green Turtle for the first time, It was one of the first dives i’d ever done in Japanese Gardens, when i saw it, my first thought was that its an underwater scuplture. Then it began to swim gracefully through the water, i still remember the feeling, how awesome that was.

Heres just some of the other answers i got,

‘I was diving the Sattakut ship wreck for the first time, It was amazing, I also spotted a Jenkins Stingray which was cool’ Sam, DMT

‘It has to be diving Chumphon Pinnacle, with 4 Bull Sharks swimming around us. You never forget that moment’ Chris, Instructor

‘Well theres many to chose from but i’d say night diving at White Rock, and seeing countless Great Barracuda hunting by our torchlight’ Mike, Advanced Open Water

‘Without a doubt, my first Whale Shark, Excellent dive at Southwest Pinnacle and we were lucky enough to see one, about 4-5 meters long! So good!’ Claire, DMT

Ask anyone on Koh Tao the same question and you’ll probably get many answers, and enjoy a good chat about just some of things Koh Tao can offer underwater.

So, What will be your most memorable moment, Diving Koh Tao?

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