Whale Shark encounter diving at the Chumphon Pinnacles

When we head out for our late afternoon dives on the RIB, being the only boat at the dive site we expect surrounded by sharks, but yesterday afternoon we got a special treat at the Chumphon Pinnacles. Descending down the buoy line, the guys got to see a whale shark hanging around the pinnacle.

whale shark, koh tao thailand

Certified divers Nigel & Jane, Morten, Rolf & Paul, got to enjoy a great dive as we were the only boat on the dive site, surrounded by sharks [which were even breaching the surface].

Whilst the divers were underwater, conditions deteriorated, with wave height increasing. Tim decided that rather than double diving the Chumphon Pinnacles as we usually would, we’d make the second dive at White Rock, which is much more sheltered. Even at White Rock, the guys got to see a hawksbill turtle.

The benefits of making the effort to get to Koh Tao dive sites when there are no other divers are massive. If you are a certified diver visiting Koh Tao, and want to check out our RIB diving, contact us and we’ll draw up a schedule to suit you.

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