We’re not just about the diving in DJL

Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely love our diving, as do virtually all of our customers and students. But the salt water environment is a very harsh one for our dive equipment and to keep our favourite activity as safe as possible we need to be able to maintain our equipment and service it.


There has been a growing number of requests, over the last few months, from our students wanting to learn how to service equipment. At DJL we already run courses, at various levels, for all of the different kind of servicing that you would expect in the dive industry.

To meet this rise in demand we have now started to run the entry level courses on a monthly basis. More and more people are wanting to take personal responsibility for their , not only is the course exceptional in raising your abilities it is also at a fraction of the cost of the same courses in Europe and the States and will save you money again in the longer term when you no longer need to pay someone else to do what you have just learned to do!


Were not just about the diving in DJL








2nd Stages going under the knife in the reg servicing course.

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