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It is well known across the world that coral reefs can be greatly affected by human activities, with the literature reporting an estimated 30% of global coral reefs already damaged to some extent. In Koh Tao, our reefs are important for the economy of our local community focused centrally on diving and tourism. Without our diverse range of reefs and dive sites, Koh Tao couldn’t be the worldwide diving mecca that it is today!

Whether visiting Koh Tao for one day, or one year, the easiest, and potentially the most beneficial thing we can do is simply to control our buoyancy! And it’s not only kicking and touching that can break coral, stirring up nearby sediment can cover the corals, ultimately leading to coral death, which in turn can make it increasingly difficult for corals to recolonize an area.

For these reasons, demonstrating buoyancy control is imperative at every level of PADI certification, so it makes sense to be deliberately practicing these skills on every dive.

The Peak Performance Buoyancy Adventure Dive introduces you to perfecting your buoyancy skills by providing you with a range of buoyancy skills, efficient kicking techniques, and games you can practice at any time, whether under instruction, or fun diving. Keeping your skills fresh and going onto the PADI Peak Performance Speciality will further enhance your buoyancy skills, increase your comfort in the water, and reducing your all so important air consumption, enabling you to get more from your diving experiences.
So next time you’re out diving with Davy Jones’ Locker, whether under instruction or fun diving with a Divemaster, make sure you practice your buoyancy and kicking techniques, or even better, ask for some hints and tips. Remember, they’re always happy to help, because ultimately, the entire Koh Tao coral reef ecosystem will benefit from every diver mastering these skills early with regular practice so our reefs are preserved for future generations!
Neal Rebreather

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