Making Underwater Videos with DJL

After I finished my Divemaster course at Davy Jones Locker I decided that I still needed more experience and hours diving before I felt I would be ready and confident enough to start my instructor course. After working for a while as a Divemaster I decided to take my underwater videography specialty. Underwater videography really puts you in the centre of the aquatic world. Where you might normal take seconds to swim over coral you now find yourself looking at different angles, which way the light falls on objects and how best to shoot a tracking shot over it. By doing this you also find things that other divers would not because there focus is too wide and time there is too short. After diving a site 100times as a divemaster you may end up getting a bit blasay about the same old fish and the same old coral but when looking at a site through the eyes of a videographer you get a whole new lease of life.

The videography spec also improves your diving tenfold. As an underwater videographer you have to learn to be far more independent as a diver as you will often be further from your buddy filming a particular shot. You become far more aware of what your personal limitations are as a diver and as a result become a far more responsible and safe diver as you can no longer rely on your buddy so much to check your air and no decompression times.

After the diving ends you then learn how to edit together the sequences you shot and make what would once of been shakey poorly edited gopro footage into a professional looking short film about your underwater experiences.

by Alex


underwaterwater videos

Underwater videography really puts you in the centre of the aquatic world.






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