We are very happy to announce that our first PROJECT AWARE UNDERWATER CLEAN UP was a huge success!

It was an early 7am start, but well worth it. Our first dive was at Koh Tao’s famous dive site Chumphon Pinnacle, where we were lucky enough to see a whaleshark. The gentle giant was around 5 meters long and we had a great 45 min dive with it passing us many times. The sighting will be added to the Project aware shark trust data base, which monitors shark and whaleshark numbers around the world.

We had 18 people for the secound clean-up dive and we would like to thank everyone for there help, I think a free shot in the bar tonight is well deserved. The clean-up was on sairee reef , close to the beach where all the boats moor up in the evening. We collected 5 large bags of debris ranging from electrical wire, cardboard boxes, a car tire, plastic sheeting and well over 100 plastic and glass bottles. So many thanks to everyone who was involved in doing there part in preserving our paradise island.

Here at DJL Dibing we are proud members of PROJECT AWARE and a GO-ECO operator, it’s our responsibility to do all we can to help the local enviroment. We will be holding monthly clean-up days and starting a new coral reef monitoring project in the coming weeks.

So please remember to do all you can to keep our oceans a beautiful place to dive for yourself and the divers of the future.

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