Twins is one of the world’s most popular dive sites, due to its versatility as a training location and interesting marine life.
Visibility is typically 15 – 20 meters and depths around the site vary from 5 to around 18 metres.
Based just south of the beautiful beach of Nanguan island Twins offers something for everyone. For many divers Twins is their first experience of diving in the sea. The shallow water at the north eastern side of the dive site are an excellent spot for a try dive or one of the first open water training dives. Snorkelers will love the coral patch around the buoyed area where coral heads are within easy reach of a duck dive. The classic Twins fun dive generally starts by descending the buoy line onto the Eastern of the two main pinnacles this is a good place to spot trigger fish, blue spotted stingrays, long fin banner fish and butterfly fish. Heading across the sand bar, home to several prawn gobies takes you to the Western pinnacle, to the south you can find ‘Nemo’ the sites resident family of saddleback anemone fish, heading through the gullies of the Western reef, a good place to spot blue ringed angel fish and even a porcupine puffer fish takes you to the swim through.
To the North of the site you can find Buoyancy World, a great place to practice your skills, ideal for those doing the peak performance buoyancy adventure dive. Further to the Northeast the shallow coral garden is a good place to spot butterfly fish and the odd grumpy titan trigger fish.
Those looking for extra depth, and a less dived area could consider the ‘no name’ drop off, a lovely quiet pinnacle. After touring the pinnacle a 10 minute blue water swim, past schools of yellowtail barracuda takes you into Twins, where you can re-join the boat.

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