The translation of Koh Tao is Turtle Island.  In the past this local area has been a popular choice for Sea Turtles to feed in the bays and on the coral reefs, also to nest on the beautiful beaches.  Over time sadly the numbers had fallen, human fishing and habitat destruction began to affect the population of these fascinating Reptiles.  It had seemed that many of which moved on to different areas.

I’ve been on Koh Tao for a year now and have logged many dives on the variety of sites it has to offer.  Although Turtle sightings seem like a rare treat they are deffinatly becoming more common and always ensures divers surface with a smile.  The most common type we see is the Hawksbill Turtle, recognizable by its beak like mouth. 

A DJL student is treated to a close encounter with a Hawksbill Turtle

Each year ‘Save Koh Tao’ Group host a festival on the Island.  It’s always a great success, running over 2 days with many Eco projects launched and in the evenings popular bands, and international DJ’s entertain the crowds.  All proceeds go to projects and conservation to help keep Koh Tao the way we love it.  One of the projects is a Turtle release, after being nurtured at a young age they are released into their natural habitat.  With more and more sightings of Turtles each month that goes by this is proving to be invaluable work.  In addition to this, recent times have seen some Turtles return to nest on some of our quieter beaches.  These are encouraging signs that these special Reptiles are here to stay and our divers can enjoying watching them swim gracefully through the water.

Save Koh Tao Fesitval is held on March 25 – 26 this year, the DJL team will be there in support.  This is one event on Koh Tao’s calender not to be missed.

Save Koh Tao

We hope to see you there.

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