Turtles On Koh Tao

Being that we are on Koh Tao, which in Thai language means Turtle Island. Any scuba divers lucky enough to spend some time with these majestic creatures really know that their persona from “Finding Nemo” is right on the money! Turtles are the surfer dudes of the ocean, spending their lives ridding ocean currents between their feeding and their breeding grounds.

Green turtles get there name not from the colour of its shell, which is normally brown or olive depending on its habitat but for the greenish colour of its skin. These reptiles are mainly herbivores and can grow up to 5ft(1.5m) with an average lifespan in the wild is considered to be over 80 years.The most common trurtles here on Koh Tao are the Green and Hawksbill turtles, with a chance of seeing them at many dive sites.


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