Turtle at Hin Pee Wee, Koh Tao, Thailand


Yesterday I was lucky enough to dive with two turtles.

As we descended down the line at Hin pee wee, there waiting for us at the bottom of the line was one of the most beautiful graceful creatures I have the pleasure to meet regularly. The Hawksbill turtle.

As I pointed the amazing creature out to my students they floated mesmerised as Mr turtle had his breakfast. After enjoying his time we made our way round the dive site. After coming across another of our instructors we both made turtle signs to each other, but pointed in opposite directions.

Looking past Sarah I could see another of these great creatures just relaxing on a rock. Again I pointed the creature out to my students. We enjoyed the company of the second turtle for a while before moving on again.

A great morning diving with two amazing creatures.



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