Trying new things

I’ve been teaching diving on Koh Tao for over two years now and I’ve logged over 800 dives.  I love showing new people the beauty of the underwater world for the first time.   That’s really the thrill in being an instructor for me.  Surely there’s not too much more for me to do or learn here on Tao in terms of diving, right?

Actually, nothing could be further from the truth!  I recently did the TDI extended range course with our tech instructors, Dave and Ollie.  We went down to deeper than I’ve done before and I learned a ton about dive planning, gas management and safety drills.  It was like being an open water student again because the equipment and procedures are all so different.  It really pushed my boundaries and I had a great tipeterubiksme doing it.

I also tried to set the world record for deepest Rubik’s Cube solve under water at 45 meters.  It was a solid attempt, but I failed…  🙁    Next time!

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