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Many of our Open Water students are a little bit nervous about popping their heads under water the 1st time and trust me, we all found it weird! Here at DJL Diving we never expect you to fully commit to a whole course straight away. This is why we, as one of the only dive schools, decided to offer free try dives in our swimming pool next to our bar and restaurant. If you want to give it a go, try on all the gear, breathe through the regulator or even try a mask skill or two, please let us know. We always have instructors around the shop ready to jump in the pool with you. This will give you much more confidence and certainty that you will do well on your Open Water course – and even giving yourself a bit of a “head start” for the course. When you’ve taken your 1st few breaths under water you’ve already gotten through the 1st challenge we present to you in the confined water session of the Open Water course. After you nail the breathing, it’s all about taking your time and slowly working your way through the rest of the skills required before we can take you into the sea. And you will find it easy as soon as you feel comfortable with your breathing.
So if you do feel a bit hesitant, please come and book a free try dive with us!
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