Tropical storm reaches Koh Tao Dive Sites!!

For the next few days we’ve got a south-easterly tropical monsoon storm hitting Koh Tao!!

Off the unprotected west coast of Koh Tao, Thailand wave heights are reaching 1.5 – 2 metres -not great for scuba diving!

For the next few days we’ll be diving the sheltered dive sites on the leaward shoreline of Koh Tao – Hin Wong Pinnacles, Tanote Bay, Laem Thian, Lighthouse bay and Aow Leuk etc. Despite the storm conditions are still reasonable – we got around 10 metres vis at 3 metres depth on the Hin Wong Pinnacles dive site this morning.

The weather is expected to return to normal around 16th July – we should rapidly return to flat seas and great vis. We’ll then crack on with our intro to tec diving trips on the Unicorn wreck, and visit the isolated pinnacles around Koh Tao.

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