Trigger Fish

The waters surrounding Koh Tao are home to countless species of fish, one of which is the Trigger Fish. Out of the 40+ species of Trigger Fish, the Titan Trigger Fish, the Yellow Margin Trigger Fish and the Pink Tailed Trigger Fish all claim these waters as home. During my Advanced Open Water Course, all the way through my DMT I was lucky enough to observe this fish through mating season when they live up to their infamous reputation of aggressively guarding their territory, through to their usual nonchalant chilled out selves.
During the last OW course I taught we observed a Titan Trigger fish feeding at one of our favorite dive sites, Twins. These fish use their fins to push sand away to get to worms and other prey. They also use their powerful teeth and jaws to eat the underside of a sea urchin that is softer and has no spines. These fish are infamous for their negative behavior yet show a higher intelligence than most other fish species as they have shown the ability to learn from previous mistakes.
by Fiona

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