Time to get back in the water

If you have not been scuba diving for some time, it’s easy to get back in the water. The PADI Scuba Review is a short refresher course designed to help people remember important aspects of the theory and dive skills. Here at Davy Jones’ Locker we run Scuba Reviews every afternoon. For many people traveling here in Koh Tao then decide to come diving they are keen to jump straight in the water. Refreshing what you were taught previously not only will give you more confidence to continue diving but will ensure your safety.

We spend the afternoon completing the PADI Scuba Review here, when you meet at the shop we get you to take a quiz to see what knowledge is remembered, then we remind you about the parts you may have forgotten. We then have a choice of using our very own swimming pool, or a confined water area in one of the bays around Koh Tao. You will then recap the water skills you learned from the PADI Open Water course, things like clearing water from the mask and regulator to buoyancy skills and out of air drills. Once you are comfortable with the skills again, we then take you for 2 dives in some of Koh Taos best dive sites. We can then give advice and feedback on improving your positioning underwater also look at weighting and environmentally friendly diving.

Bob – MSDT
DJL Pool

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