The Main Man Mr Simon Vale

Now then, Simon Vale our esteemed bar manager recently took time out of his hectic schedule, which basically consists of ambling up and down in front of the DJL shop, to do his Rescue Diver course. I took leave of my official post, harrassing Simon by singing “Big Spender” to him while he ambles, to teach him. Gotta say that Simon was an excellent student. I guess after years of beating people up as a bouncer in Manchester he decided that rescuing people was his chance to even the score a little. There were a few hiccups along the way though. Si bamboozled everyone involved on the course during the confined session by instructing a tired diver at the surface to “inflate your regulator!!!”. Things went from confusing to just sheer mind boggling during the open water part of the course. Upon encountering a panicked diver at the surface Si thought it’d be a good idea to tell the diver to inflate their DVD. Now call me cynical but I’m pretty sure that inflating an electrical appliance has never accomplished anything. “Not so!” Says Si. Anyways after a bit of umming a bit of ahhing and a lot of laughing he managed to nail all the skills. So I guess it’s hats off to the main man Mr Simon Vale for becoming DJL’s latest Rescue Diver. Incidently he’s now embarking on his his Divemaster interniship. God help us all!!!

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