Tech Diving – Extend your Limits !

Davy Jones Lockertech diving -extend your limits ! has an expanding tech diving department and instructor Ed has written an article for the DJL Blog. He explains the options for getting involved in tech diving, how to progress and gain more experience and certifications in this exciting area of diving. For more information about the courses we offer contact


Tech Diving – Extend your Limits!

“Diving is fun. Diving within recreational limits is an easy way to enjoy the top 40 meters of the world’s oceans. But what about going deeper?
Diving beyond no stop limits requires special training and equipment. For this reason DJL tech is here to give you the training you need to go beyond the recreational limits. Tech diving certification will enable you to discover an amazing world of deep dive sites not available to recreational divers. Technical diving is a challenging and exhilarating side of the sport using multiple tanks and mixed gasses to allow you to safely explore at greater depths.


Tech Courses

Tech Diving - Extend your Limits !


We offer a wide range of technical dive courses. Firstly, the PADI DSAT tech deep diver course is a great place to start. Split in to three subsections Tec 40, Tec 45 and Tec 50 you will be introduced to the standard tech diving rig. Twin tanks give you a greater gas supply and critically the ability to isolate your tanks. This is vital in the event of an equipment problem. Additional tanks of enriched air nitrox and oxygen can be carried. Diving beyond recreational limits requires making decompression stops. Using enriched gas blends for the decompression phase of your diving allows you accelerate your decompression and add a margin of safety to your dives.


tech diving extend your limits

Many divers prefer to use the side mount configuration. This is because sidemount gives you a streamlined profile for better trim in the water and access to restricted passages. Consequently, DJL tech offers a range of recreational and technical sidemount training courses.

As you go deeper gas narcosis starts to become problematic, leading to a loss of good judgement and ability to think clearly to deal with problems. At the greatest depths the oxygen content of can also exceed safe limits. To counter this adding helium to your breathing gas can eliminate these problems. You can start using trimix (a blend of oxygen helium and nitrogen) in the advanced recreational trimix course. Significantly, DJL is the only school on the island offering this IANTD course.


Closed Circuit Rebreathers

tech diving extend your limits!

Many people believe rebreathers are the future of diving. This is because rebreathers recycle your breathing gas by using a loop that scrubs out the CO2 from your breath and adding oxygen. CCR technology uses electronic control to precisely provide the optimum breathing gas. As well as providing the perfect gas mix at all depths rebreathers massively extend your gas supply. Consequently this allows dives of several hours. Another benefit is that the bubble less system also allows you to get much closer to marine life. At DJL we offer ANDI rebreather training using the world’s most popular rebreather, the AP valves Inspiration.


If you want to take your diving to the next level contact the our team at DJL Tech. Our staff will be happy to explain in detail the courses we can offer.”


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