Tech Diving at Davy Jones Locker

I recently finished my Tech 40 course at Davy Jones Locker with Instructor Schmike. This is probably one of the most rewarding and challenging courses that I have ever undertaken during my diving career. Tech 40 allows you to dive to a maximum depth of 40m and complete a maximum of 10 minutes decompression stops. I have been a Divemaster here at DJL for 4 months and I wanted to try something outside of the recreational diving spectrum. Therefore the Tech 40 course was a natural choice for me.

During the course I was introduced to a Twinset, a wing BCD and a deco tank. I was also taught had to plan decompression dives, calculate my Surface Air Consumption and specialist emergency procedures should I have any equipment problems underwater. As part of my course we practiced tonnes of skills such as mask breakage, out of air scenarios, equipment failure but most importantly, getting used to diving with 3 massive tanks!

If you’re interested in undertaking any technical courses whilst on Koh Tao check out and They do the full range of technical courses from Tech 40, 45, 50 to Cave diving to Rebreather training to Trimix with a variety of agencies. They also run regular wreck and cave expeditions to Khao Sok and Hong Song national parks. The most recent one was a 2 week liveaboard starting at Singapore and finishing on Koh Samui where they checked out wrecks such as The Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse.

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