Tec 45, diving the unicorn wreck

I completed my training of the Padi Tec 45. It was a very informative course and a lot of fun. Firstly you go into the pool to complete some confined training, mastering buoyancy and practising skills needed when diving deep. S-drill, valve drills and all the skills we complete are all done neutrally buoyant. Then we had to plan our dives taking into consideration all of your decompression stops. We planned to dive on the Unicorn wreck, just north of Mango Bay on the north side of Koh Tao. Our dive was to 45 metres and we spent 25 mins trying to navigate our way around the wreck.

Tec 45, diving the unicorn wreck

Technical dive on the Unicorn Wreck

The visibility was not great the day we dived but we still managed to have a great day and completed our decompression stops successfully. It took nearly 35 mins to get back to the surface. We also switched gases at 21m to Nitrox 50%, to make our dive more conservative. I highly recommend contacting DJL tech department to do some technical training with Instructor David Polley. I had a lot of fun on this course and it will enhance your diving ability and understanding of decompression theory.

by Ollie



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