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Congratulations, you have just completed your PADI Open Waster Diver qualification with Davy Jones Locker on Koh Tao. So what next? Well you could just get straight in and go diving to 18m, but why limit yourself there. The next logical step would be to go straight into the PADI Advanced Open Water course. This fantastic course is all about expanding your experience as a diver under the watchful eye of our experienced instructors. Most of the world’s most interesting dive sites lie in the 18 – 30 m range, completing your advanced course opens up these dive sites to you, allowing you to truly experience what scuba is all about.

The core dives of the Advanced course focus on navigation and depth progression. You then can choose from a number of great adventure dives to complete your course. The most popular are the peak performance buoyancy dive, regarded by most divers and instructors as the single most valuable training dive you will ever do. The importance of mastering buoyancy cannot be overstated and safety, comfort and enjoyment to your dives, plus the PPB dive is great fun, swing gracefully through hoops and obstacles.   Another popular choice is the night adventure dive, exploring one of the islands beautiful dive sites by torchlight. Complete your advanced course with a visit to Koh Tao’s own shipwreck. Most people don’t feel like ‘real divers’ until they have experienced the eerie thrill of diving a wreck. A dive to the Sattakut, a 49m long warship is the perfect way complete your course.

On your advanced course you will meet likeminded divers, visit sites beyond the range of basic open water divers and experience new ways to enjoy yourself underwater. You might say it is a great way to meet people, go places and do things, underwater!

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