Taking it to the next level!

A year has passed since i completed the Instructor development course at DJL, now i have decided to step up to the next level.  This November i will be going for my Staff Instructor certification.  I enjoy teaching diving at all levels from Open Water through to Divemaster, but now i’m looking forward to helping out on the next Instructor course.  It will involve retaking the exams, so i can keep my knowledge sharp.  Also giving presentations in the classroom to the IDC candidates, helping out in the confined water training and also open water, i will learn to score the guys on their presentations in the appropriate way.  In doing this i can keep myself teaching to a high standard, also because its not that long since i went through it i can help guide and advise the new candidates through the course with my previous experience.  There is always more to do in diving, and i’m looking forward to something a bit different to what i teach from day to day.  So good luck to the guys who will be on the IDC, lets have some fun but more importantly lets make some new PADI Instructors!

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