Don teaches his first OW course

I came to Koh Tao with the plan of becoming a diving instructor. I arrived with only my Open Water qualification and was a little nervous about everything when arriving and what was actually involved in achieving what I wanted…

I had nothing to worry about! After my first couple of days here I was diving, learning and enjoying every day. In the first couple of months while I was doing my DiveMaster Internship I learnt so much. Not only from the courses that I was doing, but a lot from all the Instructors at DJL that I assisted on courses. Each instructor had their different own style, and I could take bits from each and build up my own way of doing things. This experience I got from working with all the great instructors here was invaluable to knowledge and skills!

After qualifying as a DiveMaster I worked at DJL for a while before starting my IDC training. Once again I had the nerves of starting my instructor course, but after the first couple of days those nerves were gone thanks to our great Course Director, Pete. By the end of my IDC I was more than ready for my IE! Not only was I ready and comfortable during the IE, but I actually enjoyed it as well! I was now an Open Water Instructor!
I then started with the MSDT Internship at DJL, once again this proved to be invaluable to me… having an experienced instructor with me on my first few courses to help guide me through them not only helped me learn how to structure my courses, but gave me the confidence to teach courses on my own and know that I was giving everything I could to my students without losing out on anything because I was a “new” instructor. After taking my first Open Water course on my own, one of my students said that she couldn’t believe that I had only recently become an instructor. I think this is all down to the experience I gained from other instructors on the MSDT Internship!

I am now enjoying working as an instructor in Koh Tao and I am really happy I came and did my training with DJL!

Don Dornbrack

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