Staff Instructor

3 days ago I completed my Staff Instructor with Davy Jones Locker. Abel and myself both took on the challenge of stepping up the game to the highest level.

The idea behind the course is to get to a confidence and knowledge level high enough to train students up to and including Assistant Instructor status, effectively allowing us to train our own certified assistants in the way that we would expect them to operate.

The course allows you to become the best mentor that you can be by helping Assistant Instructor trainees and IDC Candidates alike. We worked hand in hand with our Course Director Pete who was always on hand to help us learn how to more effectively help him. We attended the entire IDC helping four candidates reach their potential as Instructors, we were there to help with theory and practical assessments and acted as the middle man between the Candidates and Pete. Sometimes answering to problems so effectively that the student grasped the concept without further consultation.

Abel and myself each performed an assessment as well to ensure we could still do it or one and to also help the candidates see what is expected of them. Abel and myself would like to give our utmost thanks to Pete as we can now begin to understand the work that goes into preparing and conducting an IDC, we were both doubly impressed when he was able not only find enough time to guide his candidates through but also giving up more of his free time to give us pointers and tip bits on how to teach some of the harder aspects of the course.

You will be glad to hear that all of the IDC Candidates passed with flying colours and Mitch, Sina, Natalie and Steve are now well on their way to completing their MSDT and enjoying life, I’m sure as much as `Abel and myself.

Once again a big thank you to Pete and a big congratulations to the four Candidates who worked so hard and are now reaping the benefits of the lifestyle as Instructors.

Felix IDC Staff Instructor DJL Diving

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